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She built a fearless wall of women during the CAA protests

4:23 min

The Muslim women-led protest at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi - often described as the 'Ground Zero' of the protests - against India's new citizenship law which the protestors call unjust has seen women from all walks of life participate. Art has been used by many of the protestors to convey their angst and to inspire others to join in with their cause. Spreading messages of peace, love, and unity through posters and wall art. Shilo Shiv Suleman is a Bengaluru-based artist who has come to Shaheen Bagh to contribute to the movement with her art. She leads the Fearless Collective, a global movement of artists, which works to reclaim spaces for women. Fearless began in 2012 with a single poster made by Indian artist Shilo Shiv Suleman in response to a moment of national trauma. Over the past 7 years, Shilo has developed a Public Art methodology that places affirmations at the center of social change; using beauty as resistance and fearlessness as a tool for reclaiming public space.

Website Link for the fearless collective:

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Kasol and Tosh Have Been Ruined By Trash Tourists

7:13 mins

#PlucCreator Swetlana wanted to escape Delhi pollution, so she traveled to Kasol and Tosh - expecting her trip to be serene and relaxing. She couldn’t breathe, saw tons of people taking selfies with plastic and glass waste.

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How I survive being a freelancer in India

9:33 mins

Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Are you tired of your lifestyle? Have you thought about trying the freelance life? Have you wondered if there is another way? 

Actually there is. It's called the Gig Economy! Watch as Era Tangar shares what her transition to the gig life was, her insights into the freelance world and how you can test it out too in Episode 1 of our show Millennial on a One Way Street.

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Behind The Scenes: How we trained 80 farmers in Punjab (India) on Mobile Storytelling!

3:56 mins

At People Like Us Create (PLUC), we're constantly building storytelling communities. This particular story talks about our project in Punjab, where we've been directly working with farmers on mobile journalism and social media.

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We took the #LostInKumbh challenge

12:27 min

Every year crores of people of all age groups from across the world attend the Kumbh Mela. And thousands of children go missing. We took up this challenge to create awareness about the issue and explore Kumbh with a different perspective . With this #LostInKumbh challenge our pluc team had to spend 24 hours at the Kumbh Mela, armed with nothing but adventure, a sleeping bag, a phone, and Rs. 100.

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Teenagers talk about the future of Gurugram & the Aravallis

7:19 min

The PLPA of 1900 provides legal protection to forests and trees on the community, municipal and private lands. With the Haryana PLPA amendment, environmentalists fear that much of the Aravalli hills will open up for mining and construction. We interacted with a few students about the importance of Aravalli hills, climate change and pollution and also trained them and get to know about their opinions on the PLPA Amendment.

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Punjab Exodus: Why Are Young Punjabis illegally Immigrating To USA And Canada?

10:25 mins

Can you believe that the IELTS exam eliminated caste marriages? Did you know many Punjabis have immigrated illegally through Mexico in the past and maybe are still doing it? What would Donald Trump think? There's a strong reason why the 'Punjab Exodus' is rampant at the moment and it's got to do with finding a better future and getting jobs. More importantly, why are young people running away from Punjab? It could be because of a lack of jobs, gangs or drugs? Or is it because of a complete failure of societal and political systems in Punjab?

This story has been covered by many publications. #PlucCreators Sandeep and Shubham Gupta explore the 'Punjab Exodus' by traveling to more than 15 villages, talking to people who have immigrated illegally.

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Why India’s Farmer Crisis Is Here To Stay!

9:55 min

The real cause of India’s farmer crisis? We traveled across the country to meet farmers who were protesting and a lot of 8- farmers who we trained in Punjab to get this right. The #PlucOriginal focuses on various issues that trouble Indian farmers and have brought such a huge crisis upon them. With the #IndianNationalElections2019 ongoing - its crucial you watch this before you vote.

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The truth behind stubble burning (as told by Punjab Farmers)

6:54 mins

Punjab Farmers answer all your stubble burning queries. Lets get to know their side of the story.

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Aaron Li Hill brings street art for climate change to New Delhi

7:00 mins

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