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10 Best Fact-Checking Websites in India

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VerifyKaro: Wikipedia vs Misinformation

2:33 mins

Millions of people rely on Wikipedia for information. Hear from Clinical Neuroscientist Dr. Netha Hussain on what it's like updating Wiki pages on the pandemic. She also talks about wikimedian and why fake news is dangerous.

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Nazma Aapi say ‘No!’ to Fake News

2:34 mins

Online creators are asking you to take care before you share Fake news is no joke! These creators and influencers are asking you to think before you hit send.

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The Mayor of Mumbai Kishori Pednekar shares how to stop misinformation

1:29 mins

Share only authentic and verified information. That way we can save each other from the infodemic and the pandemic, says the Mayor of Mumbai Kishori Pednekar

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Dr Kiran has 3 tips to help you fight fake news

1:10 mins

Dr. Kiran N. Baliga from Mangalore shares 3 tips to combat misinformation amidst the pandemic. Check the authenticity of the message. Check the source. Check the date of origin.

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Think of this before you share any information

1:00 mins

The epidemic in India has a silent partner, the infodemic of misinformation, fake news, and rumors. As we continue to battle against the disease, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of what we share. Before you share, pause, and think.

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The beginner’s guide to wearing a face mask

0:31 mins

Want to know the correct way to wear a face mask? Here's the latest advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Follow these guidelines while putting on, using, and taking off a mask. We hope you stay safe!

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What to do if someone from your friends or family shares misinformation?

0:54 mins

Want to tell a friend or family member that something they shared might not be true? Be rational & calm, understand their perspective, encourage fact-checking, use words like 'we' and 'us'. Check this video for more ways.

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5 ways to spot misinformation

How do you respond to any information you receive online? Do you check the source and date? Do you verify? Sharing trusted & verified information is vital during a crisis. Here are 5 ways to spot misinformation. Don't forget to use it as a 5 point checklist before forwarding/posting anything!

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Verified: A new campaign for science, solutions and solidarity amid COVID19

1:22 mins

As we work together to contain COVID19, we must also work to contain misinformation. United Nations has launched Verified, a new initiative to deliver trusted, verified information, life-saving stories from the best of humanity.

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