Courses Ace the art of short form content

Ace the art of short form content

Published on Jul 05, 2022


Attention spans have shrunk. Which calls for content that’s crisper, more impactful and delivers more punch per frame. But where do we even start? That’s the dilemma of every creator. In this course, you will learn how to plan, script, storyboard, shoot, produce and decode complex subjects using short form content.



How to script

How to write a hook

How to include a call to action

How to write about people

How to set context

Finding the right format

Decoding complex subjects

Finding local stories

How to grab and run

Creating editorial checks and balances for your content

Lighting videos

Shooting videos

Recording audio

Editing videos

Camera angles



Audio device - lapel mic or earphones with a mic

Social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Mobile phone editing softwares


INR 2,500

This course includes

6 Video Lessons (28.52 mins)

Private Pluc.TV community group

Certificate of completion

Full time access

About the instructor


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Ace the art of short form content

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