Courses How to start freelancing & find high-paying gigs

How to start freelancing & find high-paying gigs

Published on Jul 25, 2022


The gig economy is booming. Freelancers: this is your moment to shine. Understand the basics of freelancing with Satyam Kumar. Learn the basic tricks of creating and adding to a portfolio and how to pitch stories. In this creative industry, you aren’t the only gig-worker to apply; learn how to leave a gig-securing impression.

Regain creative control and be your own boss. Satyam Kumar shares his freelancing experience to guide you to the choicest projects, uncovering what it takes to build a rapport with agencies and create a stunning portfolio that shows off your skills. From managing a budget to pitching a story, learn how to crack your opportunities wide open as a freelancer and find success in the gig economy.



Learn how to pitch a story

Building a rapport with the agency

Building your portfolio

Balancing finances as a freelancer



Storytelling background

Freelancing career


Pitches to work on

Story ideas

This course includes

4 Video Lessons (7.12 mins)

Private Pluc.TV community group

Certificate of completion

Full time access

About the instructor


Satyam Kumar Jha



Chapter 1 - How to pitch a story

Get your pitch out of the ‘ignored’ section of their inbox. Satyam presents suggestions that will help you, as a freelancer, catch the eye of agencies that you have in your sights.



Chapter 2- How to build a rapport with the agency

Make your way into their Diwali thoughts and prayers. That begins by establishing a great working relationship with each agency. Satyam shows you ways to do just that.



Chapter 3 - How to build your portfolio

Keep them scrolling pages of wow. Impressive portfolios make for equally good terms of payment. Figure out the tricks to making your portfolio stun-ready to agencies.



Chapter 4 - How to balance finances as a freelancer

You’ve got to be your own accounts department. Drafting proposals, invoices, receipts, rates, negotiation….you learn a lot about the working of finances as a freelancer. Satyam spares you some hard lessons about freelance money matters in this chapter.


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