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Meet the founders of The Alpine Husky, Bagheera and Shekhar Singh.        

Shekhar wants to rejuvenate the tradition of eras bygone where any skill whether mental, physical or technical was imparted over a period of years and decades. His aim is to teach and learn the art of honing mountain skills until it becomes a way of life and we surrender to the subject. That is the basis of his Philosophy. True realization of climbing as an art form and way of life needs the guidance of a right teacher and student’s trust and willingness to surrender himself to the process. This is what inspired him to envision and execute this idea. Bagheera is a mountain dog by birth and that is why he is at best when he is on trails though he also loves soft pillows to hug while sleeping which he does a lot. He loves cheese and takes his own time to open up with people he doesn’t know. Shekhar’s journey started with the Basic mountaineering course in Manali after that he knew he had to dedicate himself to the mountains and it’s way of life. 


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Published on Aug 24, 2021
Trek to the remotest part of the Himalayas with this mountaineer

Shekhar Singh

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