Sukriti Vadhera Kohli

About Me

Sukriti is an illustrator on a mission. Her Instagram page docofhappiness is dedicated to mental well-being. She illustrates to encourage people. Her belief is art has the power to change people’s mindsets. With no background in psychology, she was advised to not take up this cause. She continued to toil with several failed ideas for a year, till 2018 she decided to mix art with powerful words based on humanitarian values. She has more than 10k organic followers, whom she interacts and encourages with her art and dialogues. In 2020, she went a step beyond art and collaborated with people who were like minded and conducted 66 lives with dancers, chefs, writers, musicians, yogis and actors like Ayushmann Khurana, Raj Nayak, Neeti Mohan, Rochak Kohli, Nakkul Mehta, Maria Goretti etc. Her recent illustration in the web series Bombay Begums on Netflix have been highly appreciated.



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Published on Jul 23, 2021
How this creator is normalising mental health through her art

Sukriti Vadhera Kohli

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