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Renu, an Anganwadi worker in Khandsa, Gurugram is not happy to see the state of women's safety in India. This sole reason has prompted her to conduct awareness drives among young adolescents where she focusses on sexual and reproductive health rights. From teaching them young girls and boys about good touch and bad touch to beginning their counselling in sex education, she encourages not just adolescents to start talking about their bodies but also their parents to start having these conversations at their home. Renu is among the many Anganwadi workers who goes above and beyond her line of duty to ensure her community's young people find safe spaces to discuss their bodies. Do you know a community hero who is working on sexual and reproductive health rights? Share their story with us on Pluc.TV using the #AttentionPlease


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Published on Aug 14, 2021
This is how I help young boys and girls learn about sex education in my community

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