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Swachh Bharat: Punjab’s ‘Safai karamcharis’ have a major minimum wage issue

1:25 mins

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Punjab’s Stray Cow Crisis Is Becoming Dangerous

4:26 mins

With more cow’s being left astray, local Punjabi’s are having safety issues. From cow’s killing humans to cow’s causing distress. What’s the solution?

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Punjab Exodus: Why Are Young Punjabis illegally Immigrating To USA And Canada?

10:25 mins

Can you believe that the IELTS exam eliminated caste marriages? Did you know many Punjabis have immigrated illegally through Mexico in the past and maybe are still doing it? What would Donald Trump think? There's a strong reason why the 'Punjab Exodus' is rampant at the moment and it's got to do with finding a better future and getting jobs. More importantly, why are young people running away from Punjab? It could be because of a lack of jobs, gangs or drugs? Or is it because of a complete failure of societal and political systems in Punjab?

This story has been covered by many publications. #PlucCreators Sandeep and Shubham Gupta explore the 'Punjab Exodus' by traveling to more than 15 villages, talking to people who have immigrated illegally.

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