These mothers want clean air as they take a historic stand at COP26

Published on Nov 12, 2021


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Bhavreen Kandhari

Glasgow, if I ask you, what do countries like Brazil, Nigeria, India, UK, Poland and the US have in common? I wouldn't expect an answer claiming rising air pollution. Recently, around 500 parent groups from 44 countries (including India, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Poland, and Nigeria) delivered a letter to President of COP 26, Alok Sharma, demanding  an end to new fossil fuels financing for the sake of their children’s health and clean air. Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, who lost her nine-year-old daughter Ella due to severe asthma linked to air pollution, led the delegation. They are calling on world leaders at COP26 to implement the new WHO Guidelines, clean up our air and stop our children dying. This means ending new fossil fuels right now. Governments cozying up to fossil fuel companies and wasting taxpayers’ money to look for even more is just unacceptable. Each woman in the delegation has a reason to be there they have first-hand experience of watching their own children suffer as a result of air pollution. They are taking the centerstage to tell our leaders- enough is enough, our children need cleaner air and a cleaner future and it is time to act NOW!

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