The Good Food Corner S1 EP3

Inside a Naandi regenerative agriculture hub

Published on Mar 15, 2023


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Shubham Gupta

How do we restore the health of the soil? The answer as per Diljit Singh is the black gold, aka organic compost. Running a regenerative agriculture hub in Shahpur Kathotia, Naandi Foundation’s mission is to enable a revolution in current farming practices. Hosting a large composting segment, the hub runs on waste generated from local farms to create organic compost that farmers can use in their fields. Linking women farmers to a steady produce in their Good Food Corners, Diljit is focussed on building women entrepreneurs in every village in the country. From training women farmers in multi-cropping to supplying them with saplings from the nurseries, this agriculture hub is paving the way for the future of farming.

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