For Her Future S2 EP5

Sowing seeds of change

Published on May 09, 2023


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Nidhi Pant

Agriculture remains the largest employment sector in Asia-Pacific. And a large proportion of this labour force is made up of women; nearly 58% of the female labour force in Asia and the Pacific work in agriculture, according to the UN data. This further highlights how women’s livelihoods are highly dependent on natural resources, making them particularly vulnerable to a changing climate.

In this episode of For Her Future, we talk to Nidhi Pant, Co-founder of S4S Technology, which works at the intersection of agriculture, gender, energy access and financial inclusion.She is the winner of Women Transforming India Awards by NITI Aayog & United Nations (UN). We take a look at how women in India are shaping the farming sector, their fight with climate change and finding solutions through regenerative agriculture practices.

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