Social Saheli S1 EP27

How I set up my own saree factory

Published on Apr 16, 2021


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Urmila Devi

Can you set up your own saree factory in your backyard? This woman in Domir, Varanasi is doing just that. Urmila Devi started a small business with just two machine in her house. Financial crunch almost made her lose the two production units. But the resilient Social Saheli from Varanasi took it upon herself to bring change to her village Domri. She recovered the cost of production and began outsourcing the manufacturing with a few women. She then set up a self-help group to support the capital of two new machines with compulsory savings. Today, her local unit has four running units and employs several women from the village. In the response to the COVID pandemic, Urmila is on a single mission - to ensure each woman finds a source of employment to support her family and nothing can stop her.

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