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How our self-help group started a garment factory in Chhattisgarh

Published on Sep 04, 2021


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The Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, which has often been synonymous with Naxalism, is now shifting its focus as it becomes a hub for readymade garments. And the credit for this goes to the tribal women of local self-help groups who have identified champions from their tribal communities and are empowering them through employment at the garment factory. Today, the clothing brand of the factory is registered under the name DANNEX - Dantewada Next. With the efforts of local women and the district administration, four units of Nava Dantewada Garments Factory are coming up in this area where more than 1,000 poor women will get employment. The rural self-help groups undertook a training in industrial production for 45 days and are now happy to find tis opportunity that is upskilling countless women. Not only this, these women have single-handedly supported the rural economy when their husbands and family members lost their jobs in the series of lockdowns after the COVID-19 pandmeic. Today, these women are running the show for their brand and encouraging more recruitment in remote areas.

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