Social Saheli S2 EP2

Learn how to run a self-help group from a Social Saheli

Published on Feb 26, 2021


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Meena Devi

Several parts of rural India still struggle to allow their women to work for themselves let alone run a local business. A self-help group allows a like-minded collective of women to find their talent and their voice as they create locally-produced goods to meet the demands of their community. It isn't easy to set-up an SHG or even run one in a village in Uttar Pradesh. These Sahelis from Gorakhpur's Jungle Ekla No. 2 village share what it takes to build a self-help group, what are the struggles of starting afresh and how they are finding support from local influencers that can help them fulfil their dreams.


Over the past four months more than a 100 women from self-help groups have been trained by Social Saheli in mobile storytelling and social media marketing to grow and expand their businesses.

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