Behind the Art S1 EP19

Can you guess how I made this miniature painting? From bricks!

Published on Sep 24, 2021


Show Creator

Noor Ali

Noor Ali Chagani has a skill - the visual artists is a master in forging replicas of actual bricks on a small scale. You wouldn't be able to accept that what you are looking at is not an actual wall. Creating miniature paintings and sculptures out of bricks, Noor's art transcends all shapes and sizes. Over time he has learnt to reduce figures, landscapes, buildings to a miniature which even includes objects such as trains, ships, aeroplanes, human beings etc. The tiny reincarnations of each object is often recreated on wasli paper that could be held in one’s palm, or picked up with one hand. Experimenting with patterns, structures, walls and urban sections, he conjures his craft with tiny red bricks. Now his aesthetic has moved to fabricating carpets, sheets, and folds comprising of small brick units. In case, you are still wondering how he does all this and more, tune into this episode of Behind the Art, to find out the truth behind his masterstrokes, only on Pluc.TV

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