Sex Ed - The Dr Sid Way S1 EP1

3 Reasons to Destigmatise Sex

Published on Sep 10, 2021


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Dr. Sidhaant Nangia

Are you worried about what people will think if you have you-know-what? Afraid to even say the word sex? Well, it is time to destigmatise sex with Dr. Sidhaant Nangia. In this episode of Sex Ed - The Dr. Sid Way, he unpacks the lack of awareness around sexual health which often makes people hide conditions like Vaginismus, Performance Anxiety, Erectile dysfunction, and so much more. Discussing sex across genders and sexualities needs to be normalised same as normalising the good, bad and ugly of our sexual health. Time to unzip our lips and pay #AttentionPlease. If you have a questions about your sexual health, fire away in the comments below and ask Dr Sid

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