Queerly Yours S2 EP1

I am Pulkit Mishra and I am not an outcast

Published on Feb 08, 2023

U/A 16+

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Pulkit Mishra

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*Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide and self-harm*

Meet Pulkit Mishra, a student who faces numerous challenges on a daily basis due to his sexual identity. In this episode, he discusses the difficulties he encountered while coming out to his friends and family, and how he was frequently bullied by his classmates because of his sexual identity. Pulkit even attempted to take his own life because he was constantly afraid of how society would accept him.

Despite facing discrimination and judgement, Pulkit remained true to himself and made the decision to embrace his identity. 

Today, he openly talks about his struggles with mental health, self-acceptance, and his family's acceptance of his sexuality and sharing his journey with us to inspire others that it is possible to overcome adversity and find happiness.

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