Queerly Yours S2 EP2

This is the story of one queer revolution

Published on Feb 22, 2023

U/A 16+

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Nidhi Samar

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This is the story of Nidhi who is a PhD researcher. She talks about various aspects of her life, including her childhood in a village, her experiences of coming out to her mother and friends.

Nidhi recognises that society as a whole still has a long way to go in terms of creating an accepting environment for queer individuals. She often faces discrimination from strangers who assume that everyone is straight and conforming to traditional gender roles.

But she chooses not to focus on the struggles and discrimination she may have faced. Instead she emphasises the importance of small, incremental change in creating a more inclusive society. She also dreams of creating a safe space for queer members by building a house or a library for them. 

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