Queerly Yours S2 EP5

Shifting the Burden: Queer Representation in Universities

Published on May 24, 2023


Show Creator

Ritu Madan

In this episode of Queerly Yours we meet three key individuals: Radhika, Aman, and Xaz. They have been actively involved in the Jamia Queer Collective, which was established shortly after the repeal of Article 377, a law that criminalised same-sex relationships in India. The primary objective of the collective is to create a safe space within the campus for discussions and dialogues surrounding gender, sexuality, and the experiences of the queer community.

The episode begins by addressing a common concern among queer individuals—that they often bear the responsibility of educating cisgender people about their identities and struggles. Radhika, Aman, and Xaz, through their involvement in the collective, have recognised this burden and are striving to shift the onus from the queer community onto the broader society. They highlight the importance of carving out safe spaces where conversations about gender and sexuality can flourish without fear or judgment. These spaces provide a platform for queer individuals to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives, allowing cisgender individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the queer community.

Radhika, Aman, and Xaz, share their personal journeys and the transformative impact of their involvement in the collective. They discuss the significance of representation in academia, emphasising the need for diverse voices and experiences to be included in educational curricula, research, and policymaking. By doing so, the episode aims to inspire change and foster greater acceptance, understanding, and empathy for the queer community in educational settings.

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