Shabnam, The Diva S1 EP2


Published on Jul 30, 2023


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In the second episode of this series, Nitish opens up about his unbreakable bond with his best friend, Abhishek. Discover how Nitish's arrival in Abhishek's life was nothing short of an angelic presence, providing unwavering support during their darkest moments.

As the episode unfolds, Shabnam, in her mesmerising drag queen persona, bravely delves into the depths of her past, sharing the painful childhood trauma and abandonment issues stemming from the tragic loss of her mother. From witnessing her mother's lifeless body as a vulnerable 5-year-old to mistakenly believing her mother had intentionally left her behind, Shabnam's journey is one of resilience and self-discovery.

Through poignant recollections, Shabnam reflects on the profound longing for her mother's love and affection, realising the irreplaceable void left by her absence. Memories of a young Nitish donning his mother's saree and embracing his true self resurface, highlighting the unwavering acceptance and support his mother showered upon him.

Join us in this emotionally charged episode as Nitish and Shabnam explore the intricate dynamics of their relationship, the depths of tragedy, and the enduring power of love.

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