Event Alert: Choosing #PlasticSeBehtar #BetterThanPlastic

Published on Dec 09, 2021

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Reducing plastic waste is important, but what's #PlasticSeBehtar? Hear from experts in the F&B and startup world! 
A roundtable discussions featuring:


Gauri Devidayal, Co-founder and CEO of Food Matters Group
Anoothi Vishal, Author, food columnist and historian
Thomas Zacharias, Chef
Anirudh Balakrishnan, Co-Founder, BUMBOO
Aditya Ruia, Co-founder at Beco
Divya Datt, Programme Management Officer, UNEP India
Moderated by Shreya Soni, Founder & CEO, DSSC Ideas Lab


Join with UNEP, LIVE - 10th December 4 PM on @LetMeBreathe_In's Twitter

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