How I Am Building An Indigenous Plastic And Chemical Free Skincare Brand | Pluc TV
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How I am building an indigenous plastic and chemical free skincare brand

June Rose Vaiphei from Imphal aims at manufacturing chemical free skincare products. She realised that the change in packaging could have a huge impact on the environment as less plastic packaging will mean lesser plastic waste. Therefore, since the past several years she has been indulged in ensuring that skincare products and toiletries such as soaps, body butter etc. which it manufactures are completely devoid of chemicals. According to Vaiphei, many who used her products notice difference in skin allergies etc. since the products were chemical free. She aims to not only go chemical free but also plastic free with her products and have packaged most of her products in eco-friendly packaging. She believes that even as there is a long way to go, manufacturing plastic free products is possible. Do you know sustainable stories with us? Share it with us on