How We Use Storytelling To Bring Dignified Healthcare To Women In India | Pluc TV
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How we use storytelling to bring dignified healthcare to women in India

While access to women’s healthcare services has significantly increased, conversations around quality of care, specifically dignity in health care, are almost non-existent. While accessing health services, women and young girls are often judged or disrespected, and not provided with the right guidance. This leads to a lack of information, and creates an unsafe space for them to address their needs, significantly deterring many of them from receiving proper care and treatment. As noted by National Family Health Survey – 5, only 46.5% of current users of family planning were ever told about any side effects of methods of family planning. Khud se Pooche’s Princess Pea hopes to change this by empowering ambassadors to understand and articulate their needs for better and more empathetic health services. The women-led and women-centred campaign Khud se Pooche aims to encourage the women of Patna to take on a self-reflective journey and give voice to their narratives and experiences around dignified healthcare.