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Nandini Nagappa Shetty is 51-year-old women living in Udyama Nagar of Yellapur city in Uttara Kannada District. She is living with her husband and two daughters and a son. Her family is mostly depended on her and her husband is physically weak and aged. Children are studying and one daughter completed her education and working with Nandini. Nandini was doing areca nut cutting work and getting very merger amount and not enough for family maintenance. She joined Supriya SHG in 2016 promoted by MANUVIKASA and started incenses ticks production along with marketing and started getting additional income. She borrowed Rs. 50,000 loan in SHG and started this incense stick business. MANUVIKASA has promoted entrepreneurship and self-help orientation training with the support of EdelGive Foundation and linked Rs. 1 lack loan from Syndicate bank through SHG and supported her to start paper plate business. She has constructed a small working place and installed a machine for making paper plate. Nandini is very active and hard worker and visit shop to shop for plate and incense sticks marketing. Her son is also supporting her in part time. She will bring paper reams from Bangalore and make different size plates. Every month she use 5 quintals paper ream and she need to invest Rs. 5000 per quintals. She will earn net profit of Rs. 1500 per quintal and now earning Rs.7500per month. Business is under growth and she wanted to expand the market. She is happy with own enterprise and acknowledge the support of MANUVIKASA, Syndicate Bank and EdelGive.