The Missing Link Of Nutrition That Plagues The State Of Jharkhand In India | Pluc TV
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The missing link of nutrition that plagues the state of Jharkhand in India

How does a state like Jharkhand fall behind in its race to battle not just malnutrition but the COVID-19 pandemic as well? Mid-day meals in primary and upper primary schools, along with anganwadis, have played an important role in monitoring and supplementing efforts to reduce malnutrition through free food for children and pregnant as well as lactating women. But these programmes have been suspended for almost a year now, depriving the most vulnerable of access to food. Are the interim Take-Home Rations and supplies really sufficient for the malnourished children’s nourishment needs? The COVID-19 pandemic changed the reliance on Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres and Malnutrition Treatment Centres for treatment of SAM children. And Malnutrition Treatment Centres (MTC) in the state lack the goodwill and accessibility. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns impacting the supply chain of nutrition treatment, how can we find a community-level support mechanism to bridge the missing links of nutrition.