The Dragvanti Brahmastra

Published on Mar 22, 2023


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This is Patruni Chidananda Sastry, a drag artist who believes drag is like a Brahmastra, a superpower that can be used to change people. He also believes that drag is a way to celebrate and embrace diversity and to create a more inclusive society. Through his drag performances Patruni aims to break down stereotypical norms.  

In this episode, he shares his personal experiences and journey of discovering his gender identity and sexuality. He recalls his childhood passion for dancing and how it led him to explore his sexuality through Bharatanatyam. Patruni talks about his unique style of drag, called Tranimal drag, which is focused on anti-beauty and using trash to create a look. 

He runs a website under the name ‘Dragvanti’. Through his website he wants other people to know who the drag queens of India are. He believes the more local support drag gets for their local drag queens, the more global it will go.

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