The story of how we rescued Rani and made her a community pet

Published on Sep 15, 2021


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How do you rescue a street animal? And what can you do as a new pet parent to make their life comfortable? What vaccines to give them, what food should you give and how do you help them cope with their trauma? And a billion other questions that we ask ourselves whenever we think of getting a four-legged creature and give them a save haven. Meet Rani, who was lost and didn't find a home for the longest time. In this episode of Homebound, we capture the journey of how Rani became a community pet and found people to take care of her. Along the way you will learn how to foster a pet. Countless abandoned pets like Rani are #Homebound but don't find the right parents to take care of them. Tell us their stories only on Pluc.TV

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