#TheOriginStory: In The Beginning... There Was ESports | Pluc TV
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What do you know about eSports? Or crazy gamers who have more passion than you could ever muster for your corporate job? Let’s dive right in to the Third Person Perspective, a.k.a. TPP – the world where gamers decode the origin story of eSports and the booming world of creators who are interacting with each other across the globe. Are you revved up? Let’s gear you up behind the joystick and take you for a ride into the world of eSports.

Kushagra Bhardwaj and his team of Third Person Perspective including Aayush Pathak, Devansh Tiwari, Saksham Kumar and Satyam Tripathi bring the avant garde show on the origin of eSports, the booming industry it has created and the potential it has in the Indian creator economy.