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Did you ever wonder how women climbers made it past a male-dominated profession to make their journey to the top? In this episode of Journey to the Top Pluc meets climber Rita Gombu Marwah, the daughter of Nawang Gombu, the first person to climb the Everest twice. Rita was part of the 1984 Indian expedition to the Everest that put Bachendri Pal on top. She talks about what it takes to train for the toughest peaks in the world, the fight of women climbers to get their due space in the mountaineering fraternity and how she created a legacy for new climbers. Her biggest nemesis is watching young climbers being riddled with commercialising Mt Everest and forgetting about their mountaineering once they close one single expedition. As the Vice President of Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Rita is in pursuit of creating a level-playing field for all the women climbing treacherous mountains across the country.