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Published on May 08, 2023


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Mamota Devi

Singles and couples, welcome aboard this flight to fitness and love, please fasten your seat belts and join the inspiring journey of a bodybuilding couple. Your cabin crew, Borun and Mamota, will take you through their story of determination, challenges, and unwavering support for each other.

Borun and Mamota's relationship is unique in every possible way. As they grew together in their relationship, they also grew together in their fitness journey. Despite facing numerous challenges, they never gave up on their goals. There was a time when Borun was advised to never lift more than five kilograms after an accident, but Mamota supported him every step of the way, aiding his quick recovery. Similarly, when everyone questioned Mamota's ability to compete in bodybuilding competitions, Borun never doubted her and always motivated her to become better every day. They both push each other to the limit and strive for excellence.

Their hard work and dedication to fitness paid off, as they both have become renowned bodybuilders, winning competitions together and gaining recognition in the fitness community. Moreover, they are proud to have initiated mixed couple bodybuilding competitions in India. Today, they serve as an inspiration to others, not just in terms of fitness but also in terms of the power of unwavering love and support in a relationship.

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