All GigsLooking for inspiring stories of community champions and good samaritans in India

Looking for inspiring stories of community champions and good samaritans in India


Posted May 21, 2022


Looking for people who can shoot stories that can find hope in the country, stories of harmony, resilience and good samaritans. The show focuses on sharing stories of individuals and/or communities who have moved beyond their ambit of work and helped or contributed to another community as an act of kindness. The stories shape positive mindsets, innovations and practices that unite India and do not divide it. 




What do we want?






  1. One character-driven voice- One person has to be followed through the story. Extensive shots of the person's life are required.
  2. Minimum 3 bytes in the story
  3. Ample b-roll to establish location, settings and day-to-day activities fo central character. We would need shots of faces of people around and them doing the work that the story is focussed on. Establishing shots of locations like roads, lanes, houses, traffic, people working, groups of people are needed to build context and environment.
  4. We would need good audio and stable shoot and ensure visual flow in terms of shots that take the story forward when viewed collectively.
  5. Videos have to be shot in Horizontal format facing a light source and not against it.


B. Information Repository


Ensure that you share their name, age, designation or occupation, location and any other facts relevant for the storytelling process.


You must have your own gear including at least:


C. Equipment Check


  • HD-capable camera + lenses
  • Tripod or monopod- anything that ensures stability and a static frame especially while shooting interviews
  • Lav and shotgun microphones. In case you are shooting without an external microphone ensure that audio quality isn't compromised with AC, cooler, machines, traffic or any other interference that may hamper the sound capturing process.


D. Episode guide


The kind of episodes we make in this series






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Paid Gig

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