Ankahee Baatein is a video and audio series led by youngsters who are voicing their rights around sexual and reproductive health. Documenting the different barriers that adolescent girls face early on in their lives, they discuss child marriage, school dropouts, gender stereotypes and lack of safe access to public healthcare. Join their journey as they share their testimonies of stigma, myths and what it means to be an adolescent girl in India. Tune into #AnkaheeBaatein




Season 1

Published on Apr 07, 2022
कुछ अनकही बातें |#KuchAnkaheeBaatein

Pinki Kumari

Published on Mar 27, 2022
Doston ka emotional pressure | #KuchAnkaheeBaatein

Pinki Kumari

Published on Mar 26, 2022
Early pregnancy| #KuchAnkaheeBaatein

Pinki Kumari

Published on Mar 26, 2022
Periods aur Paabandi | #KuchAnkaheeBaatein

Pinki Kumari

Published on Mar 25, 2022
Dosti aur consent | #KuchAnkaheeBaatein

Pinki Kumari

Published on Feb 08, 2022
This is how we can make the internet a safer place


Published on Feb 07, 2022
We want to put an end to early marriage in our village

Pinki Kumari

Published on Dec 12, 2021
#AnkaheeBaatein: When adolescent girls define safe primary health care

Pinki Kumari


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