We’re sure teachers pray for no questions in a sex education class. We’ve no idea how often those prayers are heard. But we do know most children grow through their teens with curiosity about their own bodies never completely answered. “Attention Please” is an attempt to kickstart conversations about sexual and reproductive health rights, where we hand over the mic (the smartphone, actually) to adolescents, peer educators and frontline workers. Skip the awkwardness with these spirited Pluc.TV-trained creators.




Season 1

Published on Oct 09, 2021
Looking for a safe route to meet my sexual and reproductive health rights


Published on Oct 06, 2021
Why are you so afraid of a sanitary napkin?


Published on Sep 08, 2021
Let's meet puberty like an old friend

Arunima Gururani

Published on Sep 04, 2021
Sex education: What adolescents should learn and when?


Published on Sep 01, 2021
Sex education: Are you too early? Or really late?


Published on Aug 28, 2021
How the hospital staff treated me when I went to buy a condom

People Like Us

Published on Aug 25, 2021
How can an ASHA worker create a safe space for adolescents


Published on Aug 21, 2021
Things adolescents ask me about their sexual health

Jugal Kishore


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