Unpacking the climate change alerts around you can be hard. Climate change is both simple and immensely complicated. We know what's causing it: greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of the natural world for commercial purposes. But it’s complicated in the sense that we don't have control over its consequences - from rising sea levels to more crop pests to vanishing species. While the world is scrambling to find ways to mitigate and adapt to it, this series will take you on a quick journey on what can you do to reduce your carbon footprint. In this series, #ClimateKiBaatein, youth environmentalist, Abhiir Bhalla chats with people to find out simple ways to start a sustainable life.




Season 1

Published on Sep 24, 2021
What is the deal with sustainable tourism?

Abhiir Bhalla

Published on Sep 16, 2021
Learning about the circular economy

Abhiir Bhalla

Published on Sep 09, 2021
How to save the sea from micro plastics

Abhiir Bhalla

Published on Sep 03, 2021
How to make the best out of waste

Abhiir Bhalla


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