We believe that we all have a purpose on this planet and are born to tell stories to become The Ultimate Creator. believes that the ability to create abundantly is inside each one of us. All we need is a little bit of direction to allow our ideas and stories to fly. In each episode, we take a look at one or the other aspect that will allow us to step into our true identity as a creator. Why are we doing this? So that we can use storytelling to create positive change in the world around us! For a deeper look into living a creator lifestyle check out the Creator Lab podcast only on People Like Us Create.




Season 1

Published on Oct 19, 2021
What are the skills that a creative entrepreneur needs?

Tamseel Hussain

Published on Oct 13, 2021
How I fell in love with creating stories

Dr. Sparsh Kumar

Published on Oct 12, 2021
Hari Om's ultimate guide to content creation

Kunwar Hari Om

Published on Aug 03, 2021
The story of an award-winning creator

Tamseel Hussain

Published on Jul 20, 2021
Making of an invisible influencer

Tamseel Hussain


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