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Driving Green

Season 1 4 Episodes

Over the years, the problem of air pollution has seen a massive increase in cities. We don’t often think what impact will our car’s emissions have on the environment before going for a long drive. What’s left behind is harmful carbon emissions.

A sustainable solution to this can be switching to electric vehicles (EVs). Delhi is one city that has been battling air pollution for years and it has now taken the lead in making EVs an affordable option to fight air pollution.

With ‘Driving Green’, we’ll bring out stories of how electric vehicles are becoming the game-changers in Delhi. Each of these episodes intend to start a conversation on how EVs can and will impact our lives as they change the automobile industry. The show will lead you into the heart of what people, the letmebreathe.in community and experts have to say about this transition to cleaner energy.

Stay tuned or wait, contribute!