This 10-episode documentary series will take you on a journey across India to explore the world of electric vehicles.

We will drive through Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and explore all the verticals of electric mobility— startups, businesses, manufacturers, consumers and more. The stories will highlight the growth of two-wheelers, fleets of buses and vehicle aggregator fleets, manufacturers and startups making accessibility to EVs stronger in India.

Get ready to hear the stories of people from across India saying EV, OK Please 




Season 1

Published on Sep 01, 2023
Soaring Into The Future: A World With Flying Cars

Akash Mon

Published on Aug 25, 2023
State level dialogue on EV Policy Adoption, Challenges and Opportunities

Samradni Kumbharjuvekar

Published on Aug 24, 2023
Modes Of Charging: Innovation In The Charging Space

Pranayakan Ramacahndran

Published on Aug 16, 2023
Heavy-Duty Challenges: Tractors, Trucks and Mini-Grids


Published on Aug 09, 2023
Quiet, Clean, And Connected: The Future Of Public Transport With E-Buses


Published on Aug 02, 2023
On The Driver’s Seat: How Women Are Leading India’s EV Revolution

Danish Alam

Published on Jul 26, 2023
An Electric Assembly: How EVs Are Manufactured


Published on Jul 19, 2023
Powering Forward: Battery Swapping and Chargers



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