According to the Unified District Information System for Education Plus 2019-2020 report, a little over 15% of girls drop out of school at the national level. In this series, adolescent girls use mobile storytelling to share their journey to a classroom. They discuss the variations in the sex ratio of their classmates as lockdowns, early marriage and financial constraints often affect the girl child's participation in the education system. Telling their own stories and observing the testimonies of their peers, these girls are sharing the impact this has had on young girls. Do you know the story of a young girl who dropped out of school?




Season 1

Published on May 06, 2022
This is my journey of how I started creating stories on girl education


Published on Mar 07, 2022
#NaariKiPukaar: A song dedicated to all parents to educate their daughters


Published on Feb 25, 2022
The road to education has not been an easy one

Her Akshar

Published on Feb 11, 2022
What happens when girls choose science

Her Akshar

Published on Nov 14, 2021
#GirlsOnAMission: Online Se Offline Classroom Tak


Published on Oct 11, 2021
Meri life after digital divide

Guddi Gupta

Published on Sep 14, 2021
How we educate young girls and women in our village

Pinki Kumari

Published on Aug 12, 2021
Girls on a mission



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