The celebrated religious gathering of Kumbh Mela hosts an amalgamations of devotees, saints, priests and the people of the city. The place is a hotspot for pilgrimage, observed four times over the course of 12 years. In the journey of exploring the rich confluence of culture and heritage, Sparsh Kumar and Shubham Gupta discovered the families that are often split apart in the teeming crowds of the festivities. Immersed deep into the religious gathering, they witness the case of the missing children who are often separated from their families by the sheer size of attendees thronging the ghats. Sparsh and Shubham dove straight in and took up a 24-hour challenge to find out how far can they survive with only ₹100 in their pockets. #LostInKumbh documents the journey of these mobile storytellers as they navigate the intricacies of a massive landscape in a single day with 12 milestone tasks. Will they make it? Or will they remain #LostInKumbh?






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