The stringent lockdown triggered a mass exodus from cities across India, with panic-stricken migrant workers desperately trying to leave for their homes in rural parts of India. You have all seen there images filling up your timelines. With little information available, migrant workers – just like you and me – desperately wanted to be with their families and find a way back to their rural homes. These journeys that were forced upon migrant workers were often very long- some even up to 1000 kilometres. This involved several days of travel by foot under the scorching summer sun, leading some to lie down on railway tracks out of exhaustion. Some managed to find a home through independent efforts or civil society initiatives. Turning ordinary people into messiahs. Some are still looking for an alternative to the loss of livelihood from the cities. Some still search for a way to reach home and a way to earn bread for their families. This is the story of many of these migrant workers and more.






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