Shabnam is stunning and Nitish is fabulous. Together, they will meet you in different avatars. In our brand new show, Shabnam, the Diva, meet one of India’s youngest drag queens as they explore their craft and community. How much do we really know about the drag culture in India? In a society where gender and sexuality are still largely taboo, one drag queen in India is defying societal norms and embracing their inner child to become the diva always dreamed of becoming. Going by the drag name Shabnam Bewafa, this drag artist will walk you through India’s thriving drag scene. Starting from the young boy who was unable to buy a lipstick to explore their own sexuality to a confident member of the LGBTQI+ community, Nitish shares their journey for the first time on camera. With colourful wigs, glittery outfits, and infectious energy, this diva quickly became a local sensation, performing at clubs and events across the city. But their journey was far from easy. They faced constant ridicule and discrimination from people who didn't understand or accept his identity. Undeterred, Shabnam and Nitish both continued to push boundaries and challenge stereotypes, using they platform to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues in India. With the support of their chosen family - a group of drag queens and allies who have become their closest friends - they have found the strength to overcome his fears and embrace his true identity. Living with stigma and prejudices, watch the celebration of a drag queen who thrives on the stage, works a day job and juggles life per usual. 






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