TB Varta is a bi-weekly live discussion focusing on how to fight tuberculosis (TB) in India. The initiative aims to bring together experts, advocates, and the public to discuss the latest developments in TB prevention, treatment, and care. During the live discussions, participants share their experiences, success stories, challenges, and best practices in the fight against TB. The discussions cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of early diagnosis, the role of community engagement, the need for innovative solutions, and the challenges faced by TB patients and their families. TB Varta is an important platform for raising awareness about TB and encouraging greater involvement and commitment to the fight against the disease. 




Season 1

Published on Jun 21, 2023
Guidebook to Government Schemes

Dr Anindya Mitra

Published on Jun 19, 2023
Tracking tuberculosis among senior citizens

Praveena Kumari Thakur

Published on May 26, 2023
Shedding light on mental health during tuberculosis |TB Varta

Bhushan Patil

Published on May 18, 2023
Raising awareness and ending stigma around TB

Manju Bala

Published on Apr 28, 2023
Why do you need a nutritious diet to fight TB | TB Varta

Ritu Madan

Published on Mar 25, 2023
Importance of timely TB diagnosis and medication adherence

Ritu Madan

Published on Mar 17, 2023
How does TB affect pregnant women | TB Varta

Payel Sen

Published on Mar 17, 2023
How to identify TB and its symptoms | TB Varta

Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh


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