Make-up has been used as a sign/symbol for thousands of years because of the symbolism attributed to colour. Make-up has undergone so many significant cultural changes throughout the ages and often appears to reflect the society’s contemporary outlook. Today, it acts as a mirror or social barometer of the society and its values. We are here to take a closer look at those barometers.




Season 1

Published on Oct 17, 2021
Grooming a house of talent in the makeup industry

Malvika Khajuria

Published on Oct 05, 2021
Why makeup has nothing to do with your insecurity

Malvika Khajuria

Published on Sep 28, 2021
The beauty of living with or without makeup

Malvika Khajuria

Published on Sep 16, 2021
How many lipsticks and makeup brands do we really need?

Roshnee Desai

Published on Sep 09, 2021
How fluid is makeup

Malvika Khajuria

Published on Sep 02, 2021
Let's solve makeup's biggest riddle

Malvika Khajuria


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