Rural women in India are getting crafty with new ways to make money. And get this - Pashu Sakhis are totally shaking things up when it comes to animal healthcare in rural India. These ladies were trained by The Nudge foundation, and now they're making some serious changes in the world of rural livelihoods. They're learning all about things like poultry farming, livestock hygiene, breeding and feeding, how to keep the farm clean, and how to manage animal waste. Basically, they're becoming total pros! The Pashu Sakhi is a Community Animal Care Service Provider (CASP) that's all about making sure rural areas get the care they need for their livestock. Because let's be real - it's not always easy to get vet care out there. Especially if you're living on a tight budget. The Pashu Sakhi is all about creating awareness and helping folks learn how to make a living off their livestock. Plus, they're helping farmers get their products out there in the world. And can you believe it? Each lady is now able to bring home some extra cash for her family. These Pashu Sakhis are just crushing it - they're paving the way for more empowered households, and they're doing it all from the heart of rural India.






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