Are you locked in the never-ending loop of finding what to wear? Did the dilemma make you purchase clothes that you never really needed? And did you ever wonder about the environmental cost of your wardrobe? If you are looking for a sustainable solution, tune into The Wardrobe Switch.




Season 1

Published on Aug 21, 2021
Fighting fast fashion and creating a sustainable collection

Priyal Turakhia

Published on Apr 13, 2021
This eco-friendly innovation is making swimming sustainable

Belkis Campos

Published on Feb 29, 2020
Quick tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe


Season 2

Published on Jun 20, 2023
Turning the tide on textile waste

Pushpa Sthapit

Published on May 23, 2023
Rescuing waste, redefining fashion

Kriti Tula

Published on May 03, 2023
Upcycle your style

Tina Gunani


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