Meet Deepak Ramola, the founder of Project Fuel, Archana Soreng an environmental activist who is UN SG's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change and Tony Sebastian as Stony Psyko and Rajesh Radhakrishnan as Dope Daddy from the crew Dopeadelicz from Dharavi United. These youth champions are an inspiration for several youngsters of the country who want to take charge of their story and use their art and activism to change the world we live in. 




Season 1

Published on Aug 11, 2020
Archana Soreng: Youth Warrior For Climate Change

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Season 10

Published on Aug 13, 2020
Hip-hop is our form of expression: Dopeadelicz from Dharavi United

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Published on Aug 11, 2020
Meet A Youth Innovation Champion Deepak Ramola

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