About Us

People Like Us Create TV, is an Indian mobile storytelling platform run by a network of storytellers. We believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone’s life.

pluc.tv is a unique multi channel approach that enables new creators and empowers existing creators with the power of visual storytelling and a network to influence.

We believe that anyone with a mobile phone can tell stories that matter, has the potential to become a #PlucCreator.

With an estimated of more than 701 million young people in India, our audience love their phones, social media and lead a mobile first life.

Our storytellers range from students, journalists, activists, entrepreneurs, publishers, video creators, decisions makers – basically anyone who wants to share a meaningful story and is willing to learn.

We support them by enabling them in mobile storytelling, giving them a means start fact checked conversations around issues that matter to them and help them meet the audience that matter for their content: where they live: on mobile screens and on social media.

These stories are made by the mobile for the mobile, by people like you and us – whats yours?

If you have a story to share, get in touch with us @ info@pluc.in

Look for these hashtags on all social media channels: #PlucStories #PlucTV #HateCheck #PollutionStories #PlucCreator

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People Like Us Create LLP is a group of journalists, social media experts & programmers who have come together to enable community storytelling in India. We work with publishers, influencers, non profits and tech platforms to make this possible.