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Shedding light on mental health during tuberculosis |TB Varta

Published on May 26, 2023


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Bhushan Patil

In this episode, we delve into the vital topic of mental health during tuberculosis and the inspiring story of Bhushan who has battled not only the physical toll of the disease but also the mental challenges it brings. Bhushan- a TB survivor, Dr Siddharth- a Psychiatrist and Pramod Tiwari- a compassionate care coordinator shed light on the importance of addressing mental health alongside tuberculosis.

Bhushan shares his personal journey how he fought with TB and depression together. He shares his challenges he faced during the time but he never gives up. He highlights the importance of family support- how his family supported him at every step of way, aiding his quick recovery. Pramod Tiwari plays an important role in guiding patients and their families through the challenging journey of tuberculosis. He is also responsible for organising mental health screenings for patients.

Dr Siddharth elucidates the intricate relationship between tuberculosis and depression, emphasising on how the physical symptoms of disease can contribute to the feelings of anxiety and depression. He also discusses the comprehensive training programs developed for care coordinators to equip them with the skills necessary to address the mental health needs of tuberculosis patients effectively. The trio highlight the significance of educating loved ones about the emotional toll of the disease and how they can provide the much-needed emotional support and understanding to aid the healing process.

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