The Looking Glass S1 EP5

Why makeup has nothing to do with your insecurity

Published on Oct 05, 2021


Show Creator

Malvika Khajuria

What was journey of discovering makeup? In this episode of The Looking Glass, Malvika Khajuria ropes in shopmurraya's co-founder Ayushi Tayal Chandra to learn about the roller coaster of getting acquainted with makeup. Bottling up insecurities and trying to hide our flaws, we often get caught up in a tussle of what do we use to express ourselves. Makeup has the power to help us cope with our insecurities but it isn't defined by it. Not everyone can seamlessly get that smokey eye look on point but you can. So wear it to the breakfast table if you wish, because art should be showcased! Tell us your boldest makeup look that you dared to wear and surprise everyone only on Pluc.TV

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