The Sustainability Show S2 EP6

Moulding trash into treasure

Published on May 30, 2023


Show Creator

Jessica Mcghee

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles up to five mm in diameter. In the last four decades, concentrations of these particles appear to have increased significantly in the surface waters of the ocean. According to UNEP, more than 430 million tonnes of plastic is produced annually. Two-thirds are short-lived products that soon become waste, filling the ocean and, often, working their way into the human food chain.

In this episode of The Sustainability Show, we dwell into the world of plastic waste that ends up polluting our marine ecosystem. But instead of just focusing on the issue, Jessica McGhee, a trash artist from Illinois, USA has dedicated her life into creating art out of the plastic trash. What sets her art apart is the utilisation of even tiny bits of plastic into something substantial.

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